Sponsorship Coach Launches Sponsorship ROI Exposed

Sponsorship Coach, Toby Hester, has launched a one-day industry summit called Sponsorship ROI Exposed to take place in London on February 26th 2019. The event comes at a time, says Hester, when brands and stakeholders are looking for more effective ROI measurement tools to justify their sponsorship and brand partnership investments. 

The summit will focus on fixing the issue around sponsorship measurement within the industry. Hester’s aim is to take a lead role in driving industry best-practice by bringing together practitioners from leading brands in one room to solve a collective issue of ROI analysis and measurement, with the goal of creating a common set of practices and process for effective sponsorship ROI evaluation. 

As the global sponsorship industry is on course to break the US$70bn threshold by the end of 2020, Hester’s goal is to answer the industry age-old demands from investing directors and shareholders, “what is the impact of brand partnerships on the bottom line?”. With almost a third (31%) of brands not investing in any kind of sponsorship evaluation and almost half (47%) investing less than 1% of overall sponsorship spend in pursuit of ROI, the summit will demonstrate ROI from real-life investments, showcasing how ROI is crucial to the growth and success sponsorship within the companies marketing mix. 

Sponsorship ROI Exposed will be taking place at The Ministry, London on 26th February 2019. Further information can be found here 

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