UK Sponsorship Awards 2018 - Why Should You Enter?

The 2017 edition of the UK Sponsorship Awards, held at the London Marriott Hotel, attracted over 500 people – a full house. Initial preparations are now underway for the 2018 edition, which we expect to attract a similar size audience. This event will also be held in the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square’s banquet hall, which right now is undergoing an exciting design refit ahead of the upcoming autumn event season.

The UK Sponsorship Awards attracts many loyal supporters from the sponsorship industry who attend the event year after year. But for those of you who haven't attended – or have been absent for a few years - we thought it would be worth exploring some of the reasons why it is so valuable to enter the UK Sponsorship Awards and, maybe, win or secure a place on the shortlist. What, in other words, are the business benefits in taking the time and effort to do so? 

Below we list some of the reasons that persuade the world’s most famous marketing brands and agencies to come back year after year.

Independent Benchmarking Of Success

The best award programmes act like an objective external audit of both your strategy and your b2b communications skills. By allowing your peers (the award judges) to assess your work (and your ability to articulate it), you can gauge whether your approach is as robust as you think it is. If you win an award that’s great… because it’s something that you can show the client or the board (perhaps protecting your department’s budgets for the coming year). But if you don’t make the shortlist, it’s an opportunity to ask why, to try and develop a constructive conclusion that will inform future plans.

Self Reflection and Focus

The entry process itself can be valuable if it is treated as an opportunity for corporate self-reflection.  It is an opportunity to have an internal dialogue around a particular sponsorship campaign and identify its core strengths – maybe even sparking ideas for future work. In preparing nominations, you’ll also end up with a document that can be used in other ways. You can post it on your own website or send it as proof of capabilities to a potential business partner.

Team-Building Benefits

Anyone who has attended the UK Sponsorship Awards (or any awards for that matter) will know how pleased people are to win or be shortlisted. Entering Awards is one way of showing you value your team’s efforts… that you have monitored their progress through the year and are proud enough to showcase it to the wider industry. Even if you don’t win, you’re sending a message to your team that what they do really matters. 

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