Rupert & Buckley Signed As Official Leisurewear Partner for The Cancer Research UK Boat Race

Student clothing brand Rupert and BuckleyOfficial Leisurewear Partner for The Cancer Research UK Boat Race 2018 – 2020. The agreement will see Rupert and Buckley provide off-water leisurewear kit for the crew, umpires, volunteers and staff involved in the event. In addition, Rupert and Buckley have also developed a retail range which incorporates the new Boat Race logo and will be in shops and available online in early 2018.

Alex Newman, chief executive officer of Rupert and Buckley said: “This grassroots ethos of hard work and a good idea is what has grown the brand to this day. The Rupert and Buckley team are busy with lots of projects, from opening new sites across the UK within the wholesale market to launching five new stand-alone stores by the end of the year. To become The Cancer Research UK Boat Race leisurewear partner has made all the hard work worthwhile and given the team well-deserved recognition of how valuable their time and passion is to the company.”

Rupert and Buckley was founded by James Buckley Thorp, who had the idea of creating high quality socks for his university’s rowing team with a vintage 80-needle hand-weaving machine.  

The Cancer Research UK Boat Race will take place on Saturday 24th March 2018. The Women’s Boat Race will start at 16:31, with The Men’s Boat Race an hour later at 17:31.