Ricoh Launches ‘The Age of Digital Information Video’ As Part Of The Business of Rugby campaign

Global technology company Ricoh has released its second video ‘The Age of Digital Information’ as part of The Business of Rugby campaign which investigates the latest business thinking and strategies the 12 Premiership Rugby clubs are utilising as well as the innovations and new technologies they are investing in.

Ricoh’s latest video explores how Premiership Rugby clubs are adapting and thriving in this new era of mass data and how they are leveraging this data and the knowledge it provides to gain competitive advantage on and off the pitch.

To complement ‘The Age of Digital Information’ video Ricoh will also be launching a series of business blogs identifying how businesses can best harness their data and examining the invaluable insights that can be gleaned from it. 

Premiership Rugby clubs are embracing data and are recognising its importance in not just winning games but in the development of their players. Data is now defining training strategies and regimes, with the use of drones, GPS, Accelerometers and videos monitoring a player’s every move, coaches can now easily identify areas for improvement and create individual and specific targets for each player.

Chas Moloney, Marketing Director for Ricoh UK & Ireland, commented: “Embracing data, and the processes that provide it, is vital for any organisation to stay competitive However, ensuring you have the right people to manage and interpret that data effectively is just as important. At Ricoh, we believe that investing in people and ensuring they have the right skill sets and capabilities is key to achieving success. And for me as a rugby fan, it’s been fascinating to see how Premiership Rugby clubs apply and embrace a very similar approach to running their businesses. 

In times of change, when businesses face increasingly complex challenges, data intelligence is one of the most reliable ways to establish a clear strategic direction. Having the right people to analyse, interpret and use this data will remain crucial for achieving success, both in rugby and business.”

For further information about the campaign please visit or follow @imaginechangeuk #thebusinessofrugby

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