How To Make Working From Home Work - Timely Tips From Dataflow Events

Some of us are used to working from home - for others, however,  it’s a whole new and rather daunting experience.  Our sponsors DataFlow Events have kindly shared the following article written by their Hannah Evans which gives some excellent tips on how to adapt to the new rules and ways of living and working.

Working From Home: It will take a while to settle into it!

Working from home isn’t for everyone and it takes time to settle into a routine. It can be difficult to focus especially as many of us will also have children at home who need educating and entertaining, not to mention anxiety about relatives, getting food, exercise, etc.

Here are some useful websites with hints and tips on effective at home working: 

Stay Healthy: Healthy body, healthy mind

Staying healthy is especially important at this time. Not only will having a good, balanced diet and daily exercise boost your immune system but it also reduces stress and increase a feeling of wellbeing. So please try to make sure you eat well (healthy that is, not just gargantuan proportions!), and do make use of your allocated exercise time to get out of the house, just remember to stay 2m away from other people! There are also a host of free online exercise classes and virtual keep fit communities to help motivate you!

 Don’t forget BBC Good Food has some great easy and healthy recipes that you can follow and apparently Leon are doing online cooking classes…..

Be Social: Difficult when you have to stay 2m apart and can only hang out with your family/house hold…

Social distancing has never been seen on this scale before and it’s going to be tough. Humans are inherently social, so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re missing social interaction, this is normal. There are now possibly more virtual social activities than ever before, so get involved.

Some suggestions include…

Spend time with your family/housemates – choose some days to go for your exercise session together, or play a board game. 


Mental Health: At times we all need support

Given how quickly all our lives have changed it is normal to feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, upset. Luckily, thanks to the internet (which I appreciate may be a form of stress in itself) we have many forums of support available to us. If you feel upset or depressed then please talk to someone whether it be friends, family, colleagues or your mental health first aiders. If these feelings continue for a prolonged period, or things get worse then please contact your GP who is there to support you. Alternatively, there are a number of professional organisations that can offer advice and support (See Other Resources below).

Headspace and Meditation

To try and avoid feeling anxious or overwhelmed we advise that each day you have dedicated time for yourself. Mindfulness, meditation and breathwork help many people to feel more relaxed and some even report higher levels of focus and efficiency after taking the time to practice. There are many online guided meditations and apps such as Headspace and Calm that have put together soothing sessions. 

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