AJ Inspires Teen To Follow His Dreams In Lucozade Sport’s ‘The Next Move’ Debut Documentary

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Lucozade Sport’s first ever documentary tells the story of a young Londoner meeting his hero, Anthony Joshua, in a story about the power of coaching.The Suntory owned sports drinks’ first long-form film, called ‘The Next Move’, was launched 10 days ahead of Joshua’s Wembley fight against Alexander Povetkin on September 22nd.

The nine-minute brand documentary features Joshua and 19-year-old Michael Kuku: Kuku, from south London and with dreams of becoming a football coach, receives a surprise visit from the heavyweight champ and the two spend a day together training and forming a friendship.

 Joshua and Kuku had not met before the filming, but they share similar backgrounds – both come from Nigerian families.

 The documentary launched on 11 September


and is supported by a matching ‘Making Of’ video.


The film is running across the brand and the boxer’s social and digital channels, while shorter cut-downs and GIFs supporting the central mini-documentary during the two week run-up to the fight.

The initiative was created by Grey London (it was written by Greg Ormrod, art directed by Thomas Worthington and directed by Michel & Nico through Believe Media).

The media was handled by MediaCom.

This piece of athlete ambassador-led branded entertainment extends Lucozade Sport’s ongoing ‘Made To Move’ platform – which aims to get a million more people moving by 2020.

As well as encouraging one million movers, Lucozade Sport hope the initiative will create a legacy and inspire people to continue to be active for generations to come.

The film also aims to raises awareness of ‘B Active’: a new joint programme backed by Lucozade Ribena Suntory Limited and Active Communities Network – where Kuku is a volunteer coach.

This three-year programme began back in May 2018 and is designed to help 16 to 24 year-olds have greater access to sports and develop life skills. To date, ‘B Active’ has signed-up 4,000 participants in five regions around the country. Kuku was actually cast from a group of ‘B Active’ participants and coaches at a London casting.

“We knew we were onto something amazing when we met Michael,” said Jimmy Blom, deputy executive creative director at Grey London.

“They got on like a house on fire. Their journey is testament to the power of good coaching. Whether you’re an official coach or you’re a friend, whoever it is that stands by your side and helps push you towards your goals and keep you focused, driven and confident,” Blom added.

“Everybody thinks they have to do it on their own, but they don’t have to. They just have to look around them and find the right people who will help get them where they need to go.”

“Both Joshua and Kuku have used sport to progress themselves, and bringing them together is meant to inspire the nation as to what can be achieved through sport beyond just the physical benefits,” commented Lucozade Sport’s head of marketing Lucy Grogut.

Since meeting Joshua, Kuku says he’s been inspired to take up new pursuits including acting and filmmaking. He says he was most inspired by advice that Joshua shares with him in the film: “Don’t be that guy at 29 saying I wish I’d done it at 19, because you’ll live a life of regret.”

“I’m kind of a nobody, so it’s crazy to think Anthony Joshua has invited me,” said Kuku.

 “It felt like being with a mate.”


Joshua has been a brand endorser for Lucozade Sport for several years and its previous campaign film telling the tale of the boxer’s Watford upbringing (launched ahead of his iconic heavyweight clash with Wladimir Klitschko) garnered plenty of positive comment and scooped a few marketing awards as well.

Amongst the other AJ brand partners to have already activated around his upcoming fight is men’s personal care brand Lynx through its recent Lynx Gold Brotherhood’campaign.


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