MKTG Frontier 2021 survey reveals upturn in confidence

MKTG Sports + Entertainment has today published the results of its 2021 MKTG Frontier survey which gauged opinions from 600+ industry professionals around the world. The survey reveals that in 2020 a potential 70% decrease was reported in the growth of the sports, entertainment and sponsorship industry.  One year on, however, there has been an upturn in confidence driven by greater clarity on a roadmap to normality with over 50% predicting an increase in the market.

Learnings from the last year, the survey reports, have made the industry work in new ways and approach challenges from a different angle.   

The four MKTG Frontier survey findings are:

  • Creating connection is key

The industry is moving to setting focused business objectives, looking to reach specified targeted audiences and making fewer assets work harder to ensure efficiency and impact. 

  • Agility and flexibility are now mandatory

Brands are creating interconnected partnership portfolios but making sure that they are putting in place scenario planning. Flexibility from rights holders on assets is becoming standard practice and the innovation of digital events will be combined with physical as a hybrid approach.

  • If data is the 'new oil', do we know what to do with it

The importance of knowing the “why” is growing as partnerships become more business led. Data is essential to keep the partnership engine running with digital data becoming the norm - but so much is available it is becoming difficult to match the metrics to the objectives.

  • PURPOSE in partnerships has longevity

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