FRUKT's 'Evolution Of Sound' Predicts New Hybrid Age of Partnerships

Brand experience and entertainment strategists FRUKT have released 'The Evolution of Sound', a new white paper examining the past 100 years of brand and music partnerships and predicting the future of music and brand partnerships.  The research unpacks what it terms the four ages of brand and music partnerships and highlights Gen Z’s desire for ‘purpose’ driven collaborations 

Brand activity is now more prolific than ever with brands, big and small, capitalising on the unique power of music to foster an emotional bond with consumers. In today’s fragmented entertainment landscape, consumers are easily distracted and increasingly setting their own agenda. FRUKT’s white paper examines whether the partnership model is in need of radical retuning and what the playing field will look like in 2020. 

FRUKT analysed over 500 brand and music partnerships and surveyed 2,000 people across the UK and North America to understand how partnership activity and attitudes have shifted across the generations. 

Generation Z wants brands to stand for something in music

Positivity Drives Attention  - 82% say partnerships that positively support a cause or purpose are more likely to get their attention.

Equality Focused - 81% believe brands should actively support inclusivity and diversity in their music partnerships. 

Support For Music Culture And New Talent - 90% believe that music has the power to bring people and communities together, with 88% eager for brands to take an active role in supporting new music talent. 

Enhanced Creative Control - 88% say partnerships feel more believable when the artist has creative involvement. 

“The modern interplay between brands and music has been steadily evolving over the last 100 years. However, as we move rapidly towards 2020, we believe the highly charged demands of Gen Z will usher in a new ‘hybrid model’ of partnership. One that not only bakes in the core elements of the four ages that preceded it, but also instigates a more empowered and authentic relationship between brand, band and fan,” explains Dom Hodge, MD, FRUKT Europe

The Four Ages Of Brand & Music Partnerships 

1.The Jingle Age 1920-1960 (product based model)

A music partnership in its most simple form – a song as a hook

2. The Endorsement Age 1960-1995 (Promo based model)

The rise of the celebrity artist and the big ad soundtrack model 

3. The Experience Age 1995-2010 (Passion based model)

Brands come out from the ad shadows and create bespoke fan experiences 

4. The Culture Age 2010-onwards (Purpose based model)

Brands look to harness an authentic role at the heart of music culture

The full report can be downloaded here

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