England Football and Nationwide Building Society launch Coin for Respect

England Football and Nationwide Building Society’s Coin for Respect, an initiative to help promote mutual respect on and off the pitch, launched last week at Wallingford FC. The organisations created a competition that called on children aged 3-17 from across the country to design a coin depicting what respect meant to them, in what would be named the first official ‘Coin for Respect’.

The coin toss has always been a symbol of fair chance at the start of every game, but until now, no official coin has ever existed.

Fifteen thousand coin have been distributed to grassroots referees across the country. Five hundred limited edition coins are also being distributed to celebrities and influential faces in the footballing world, FA and England Football officials and politicians to help spread the message of mutual respect. The aim is to ensure every game starts with respect.

The Coin for Respect campaign, along with the winning coin design, is part of Nationwide’s pledge to ensure one million players, parents and coaches get involved with the England Football Respect campaign by 2023.

Director of Advertising & Marketing at Nationwide Building Society, Paul Hibbs said: “Mutual respect is something that we value at the core of Nationwide in everything we do, so to be able to create something tangible that reflects this in association with England Football has been a great journey for us. We hope the campaign will continue to be a success over the season and beyond.”


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